NEW YORK (PIX11) – Protests continue to erupt across the country and world in support of Mahsa Amini, the 22-year-old Iranian woman who was arrested earlier this month for allegedly not complying with Iran’s strict dress code and died shortly after being in police custody.

Amini’s death has fueled protests across the globe after Iran’s so-called morality police arrested her for not wearing her hijab properly.

Protesters in Midtown Manhattan on Tuesday chanted Amini’s name in support, but they say her death is not unique.

“This is not something new,” one protester, who wished to remain anonymous, said. “We have hundreds and hundreds of Mahsas that were killed the past 40 years in the streets.”

Women cut their hair in support and protesters held up Iran’s previous national flag symbolizing opposition of the Islamic Republic government. The anger has been building for Iranians ever since it took control in the 1979 revolution.

“This is what the outside sees now, but for 43 years people have been killed, have been tortured, have been imprisoned for freedom and for justice and finally it is big enough for the world to see it,” another protester said.

“We left the country because we no longer could live there, but that doesn’t mean we cannot be our fellow Iranians’ voice,” a protester added.

What also makes these protests different this time are the number of men publicly showing support.

Babak Bashiri, an Iranian-born man also protesting on Tuesday, said it’s a cause everyone should join.

“I think it’s for everyone’s benefit, but women are on the frontline at the moment,” Bashiri said. “They’re leading, in a way, this movement and all the men, all people should support that.”

Protests spread to more than 80 cities in Iran resulting in the government shutting down the internet.

Ebrahim Raisi, Iran’s president, spoke at the United Nations General Assembly last week. Iranians call the annual gathering of world leaders a waste of time and an opportunity to show face without showing action.

“[The] United Nations was established to support basic human rights and this happened,” a protester said. “He was able to walk, come, and give a speech in the United Nations just days after a woman was beaten to death in the streets of Tehran, so to us it’s just laughable.”

The Iranian people say the answer to ending this regime is for the United States to stop negotiating with Iran. Making accommodations, they believe, only gives the Islamic Republic more room for the country and its people to suffer.