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NEW YORK — This is what New York Values are all about.

Amaira Hassan was commuting from Queens to Manhattan on Monday morning, amid the rush hour crowds and hustle and bustle of a packed F train.  It was just 24 hours after news broke regarding the worst shooting in American history.

At a time when so many were mourning the 49 lives lost in Orlando, no one expected a man to come on the train to spew hate, but that is what happened.

“I was sitting listening to my music,” recalls Hassan.  “This guy comes onto the packed train and is yelling as he got on about the two terrorist foreigners, telling them to get off the train.”

The man was directing his comments toward two Muslim women, dressed in traditional Muslim garb.  The two spoke very little English.

Hassan, who is Muslim herself, says the train was packed.

She wanted to take out her phone, but was caught off guard at what happened next.

“A bunch of people began to yell, you need to get off this train,” says Hassan.

People from all races and ethnicities began chiming in, yelling at the man to stop until he finally exited the train to applause.

Hassan posted her entire account on Facebook where it immediately went viral.

So far, nearly 27,000 people have viewed it.