NEW YORK (PIX11) — It may not be a heatwave — which is defined as three days in a row above 90 degrees — but New York City will be unusually baked this weekend

At the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory on the edge of Brooklyn Bridge Park, they were busy gearing up for the first 90-degree day in a year.

“We’ve added extra staff and we are ready,” said Michael Timoney, the Ice Cream Factory supervisor.

The weekend temperatures are expected to be 10 degrees hotter than what New Yorkers usually expect in late May. A lot of people have plans on how they will beat the heat this weekend.

“Head to the Jersey Shore,” said Erica Bonacolta while enjoying an ice cream.

Mary Bergman, another ice cream aficionado, plans to “go to a brewery and drink a lot of beers.” Her friend, Dot Cates, plans to “get up early for a run and then take a cold shower.”

Temperatures may feel like 100 degrees this weekend, so here are some tips to beat the heat in New York City.

Spray showers are turned on, but public pools are still closed and there are no lifeguards on duty at city beaches. It is still unclear if city cooling centers will be open. Also, be sure to dress lightly.

“Something flimsy like this top,” said Blair Richwood, a New York City visitor.

After a night of thunderstorms with gusty winds and downpours on Friday, many people were looking forward to a super-hot and steamy weekend.

“It’s better to be warm than cold,” said Angela Mingo, another New York City visitor. “No complaints here.”