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NEW YORK — Blowing the whistle on the drivers of idling trucks and buses is paying off big time for some New Yorkers.

One person cleared almost $5,000 doing this in 2018.

In 2017, the city issued just over 20 citations for idling trucks and buses, but in 2018, that number was up to more than 1,000. New Yorkers who report idling vehicles get portions of the fines issued to drivers.

Reporters get 25 percent of the fine issued to drivers. The minimum fine is $350 and the maximum fine is $2,000.

One person earned $4,300 after reports leading to 33 summonses. Another person pocketed $4,600 from 47 summonses.

Many say idling vehicles create fume problems. John O’Kelly lives in a first floor apartment in Hell’s Kitchen and often smells the fumes from idling vehicles.

“I think that is fantastic. I just want it stopped,” he said about idling vehicles.  “This is a huge issue here.”

One Manhattan bus driver even expressed some support for the regulations.

“You don’t want all the smog and pollution,” the driver said.

But there are some factors to consider.

“There is another side to consider because the people writing citations are not bus drivers; they don’t know the things we have to go through,” the driver said. “If it is a really hot day or a really cold day, I am going to turn my bus on.”

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