NEW YORK (PIX11) — Bodegas across the five boroughs were busy Monday night as customers streamed in to buy Powerball tickets.

The estimated $1.9 billion jackpot is the largest in Powerball history. It has a cash value of $929.2 million.

The odds of winning, however, are one in 292 million. But that’s not stopping people from trying their luck.

“As my daughter says, someone’s gotta win,” said Daniel Burkhoff, as he and his wife purchased $40 worth of tickets in Midtown. “If you don’t play, you don’t win.”

Loretta Franklin also hoped to beat the odds.

“Throwing out 60 bucks at the premise of winning $1.5 billion, even if the odds aren’t great, it would be amazing,” said Loretta Franklin.

Several New Yorkers said they would make practical purchases with the winnings.

“[I’d] take the one-time payment,” said Jake Grabowski. “Buy some real estate. Use it, spent it, invest it, build it, grow it.”

Christey Curran also thought about real estate.

“[I’d] pay off my parent’s house,” said Curran. “Buy myself a house, take care of all my friends and family, pay off a lot of student loans, and just be set for life.”

One bodega owner in Midtown said he has been slammed with Powerball customers since the jackpot hit $1 billion.

“People are spending thousands of dollars,” said bodega worker Labi Singh. “Yesterday, someone came, he spent $1,200 on Powerball.”