NEW YORK (PIX11) — Amid the growing popularity of micro-mobility vehicles, a series of collisions between bikes and pedestrians in New York City has recently proven deadly.

Upon taking a closer look at how officials are addressing the uptick, PIX11 found enforcement skyrocketing. 

“If only the cyclist had been more responsible, this wouldn’t have happened,” said one grieving family member. 

It is a sentiment shared by hundreds of victims across New York City hit by bicycles or micro-mobility devices. Several of whom have tragically died just this month.

“We’re concerned about pedestrian and biker safety due to reckless bikers,” said one Upper West Side resident at a recent community meeting with Mayor Eric Adams. 

Adams agreed it’s a problem the City Council and app-based delivery companies need to address.

“It’s a legitimate concern and we want to zero in on it,” Adams said. “Our use of streets has changed drastically. We did not adjust to those changes.”

A PIX11 News review of city summonses shows the NYPD has ratcheted up enforcement this year. Tickets for reckless bike riding and traveling on sidewalks are up over 400% and 500%, respectively. 

Cops have also been busy busting illegal moped and scooter riders, confiscating over 8,000 this year. The seizures are up 111% from last year.

“It’s contributed to a drop of 25% in street violence this year,” Chief of Patrol John Chell explained. 

Juan Restrepo from Transportation Alternatives says it’s more than enforcement; infrastructure needs improving. DOT data reveals over 300 people were hit by bikes in 2022.

“The rate of which more bike infrastructure is being installed is too slow for the growth of these forms of transportation and is resulting in a lot of people dying,” said Restrepo. 

Restrepo says addressing this two-wheeled revolution must include loading zones for delivery workers, dedicated bike parking, and two-way bike paths. And finally achieving 250 miles of protected bike lanes, committed to by the Department of Transportation.

“It is our goal to connect all communities through our CitiBike, and micro-mobility and scooter and other modes of transportation,” said DOT commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez, who lauded protected bike lanes as helping reduce pedestrian injuries by 21% in New York City.