NEW YORK (PIX11) – As gas prices continue to soar, relief at the pump is coming.

The New York state gas tax suspension begins Wednesday. The state will cut a portion of its gas tax by 16 cents per gallon. Legislators and Gov. Kathy Hochul previously agreed to the tax holiday as part of the more than a $200 billion state budget

Assemblywoman Michaelle Solages says legislators had no choice but to act.

“Inflation is really hurting our families and they’re struggling to make ends meet so we said we need to provide relief for families,” she said.

Solages represents District 22. She says the initiative gives the option to local counties to cap their portion of the gas tax as well.

“Local governments have money from the COVID relief from the federal government, so they have enough money to extend to do an incentive to make sure people can save at the pump,” she said.

Some drivers like mom Yolanda Perez from the Bronx are at their breaking point when it comes to the price at the pump.

“I’m so mad. I’m so mad. Every day I’m putting gas!” she said. “I put like $60 a day in gas. I’m not supposed to go anywhere? I’m not supposed to take my kids out. I’m not supposed to hang out? I’m just supposed to stay home? I’m sick of it!”

The Bronx mother says rising gas prices along with inflation have taken their toll on her family.

“When I look at my money, it’s like, what did I spend $300 on in one day? $200? Like I’m sick of it. I’m constantly going into my savings. I never used to do that. Never,” she said.

Perez says while the gas tax suspension will help, she needs more relief now.

“It’s not enough. I need more. I don’t want to see $4 something anymore. It’s not fair. It’s not fair!” she said.

Meanwhile, other drivers are welcoming the initiative.

“Every little bit helps right now. If anything, the gesture is more of an emotional thing versus being a dollar saving and it’ll make people feel better about it,” said Manhattan driver Jack Bernstein.

The gas tax suspension lasts through the end of the year.