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New York is home to more than 8.5-million residents and more people means more garbage.

We produce so much garbage that the city recently landed the top spot on a survey of the country’s dirtiest cities. The cleaning service BusyBee looked at five categories in their rankings. New York took the top spot in three of the  five: population density, litter and pests.

“It’s so nasty, it’s filthy, there’s garbage all over the place,” Angela Brown said as she looked at a littered street in Gowanus.

The Big Apple scored a whopping 428 on the survey.

“No wonder. There’s tons of rats and roaches when you have all that trash in the street,” Stejepan Lukic said.

If that is the case, it’s not for a lack of trying by the Department of Sanitation. In fact, in recent years the city has added more trucks and street sweepers as well as expanding the recycling program. As a result, last year more than 95 percent of streets met or exceeded cleanliness standards.

Lukic has a different set of standards.

“New York definitely does not meet maybe the high standards that I have for a city to be clean,” he said.

Los Angeles came in second with 317 and Chicago ended up 4th just 220 points.

​”Those are the busiest cities in the whole United States is Chicago, Los Angeles, maybe Philadelphia,” Lawrence Fishburne said. “New York is the busiest.”

And while he admits all of the people do produce a lot of waste, he says there’s a difference between waste and filth.

“We’re not that dirty,” he said.

Maybe just a bit more cluttered than most.