NEW YORK (PIX11) — At least 23 people were shot in New York City over the Memorial Day weekend, police said Tuesday.

Mayor Eric Adams recently revealed nearly 3,000 guns were taken off the streets in just the first five months of his tenure. He will join mayors from across the state on Tuesday to discuss gun violence and share ways of dealing with the crisis head-on as lawmakers continue to be at odds over legislation. 

Gun violence has been so brazen and unrelenting that even children can’t escape it — it’s the number one killer.

A national tracking database revealed that 1,500 kids were killed by guns last year. The constant barrage of bullets in the city’s neighborhoods has some New Yorkers fed up and in fear. 

Despite the recent bloodshed, the number of people shot compared to last year is down slightly by 6%. Adams said month-to-month shootings are down 30%.