SEAFORD, N.Y. (PIX11) — A Long Island man used deepfake technology to create sexually explicit images of more than a dozen women on a porn website.

On Tuesday, Patrick Carey received a sentence of six months of jail time and 10 years of probation.

“There was so much depravity on display by this defendant that it truly makes my skin crawl,” said Anne Donnelly, who was the lead prosecutor on the case. “A loophole allows child pornographers to use new technology to circumvent the existing laws and evade prosecution.”

The Seaford man used deepfake technology to manipulate social media photos of 14 women and create pornography, which he then disseminated online. Most of the women were his former classmates.  

Carey also shared their personal information such as their names, addresses, workplaces and phone numbers on that same website and encouraged other users to harass them.

Prosecuting the case proved to be a challenge, as it’s not a crime in New York to create a fake image, even a sexually explicit one. So Carey was instead charged for posting a real, unaltered explicit image of an underage girl.  

One of the 14 women who directly addressed Carey in court Tuesday said his name will forever give her nightmares. Carey also spoke, expressing regret for his actions and saying he doesn’t expect forgiveness but that he is sorry.