NEW YORK (PIX11) — Outdoor dining at restaurants in New York City could become a permanent fixture, but only during specific seasons. 

The New York City Council crafted a bill to keep outdoor dining but with added rules for more control. The plan would reduce the number of outdoor dining structures that have fallen into disrepair while giving restaurants who want to continue with the option a clear path to do it well.

“Restaurants are getting the opportunity to make it their own,” said Councilwoman Marjorie Velázquez.

Under the new bill crafted by Velázquez and a fellow council member, outdoor dining would be allowed in approved street sections of New York City from April until November, ceasing during the winter. Outdoor dining on permitted sidewalks would still be allowed year-round.

Some in the restaurant industry, however, took issue with the idea of having to break down the structures and rebuild them every year.

“We spent in the ballpark of $30,000,” Jeffrey Curran, general manager of Rosa Mexicano Restaurants, said. “And to take this thing down, you’re gonna break things, stuff will be damaged, and where do you store it? So it’s a tremendous expense for restaurants.”

Lawmakers say Mayor Eric Adams has signaled he would sign the bill into law.

Any restaurant that wants to participate in outdoor dining moving forward would have to apply for a new license, including restaurants that already offer outdoor dining.