BRONX, N.Y. (PIX11) — Keeping the streets of New York City clean is a giant job.  

Trash appears at various places along the 6,000 miles of city street.  

City budget cuts will have an impact on some sanitation plans and projects. Neighbors are worrying about illegal dumping and litter piling up.  

The Adams administration has said residential and commercial schedules would not change, but sidewalk bins and street sweeping could be reduced.  

“It regularly needs to have maintenance. The garbage tumbles in,” said Roe Andrade in an interview with PIX11about a stretch of West Farms Road by the Cross Bronx Expressway.  

Andrade walked by parts of an abandoned washing machine sitting next to an old fire extinguisher in the median. Bags of cement and two mattresses rested by a broken fence leading to a state lot.  

The Department of Transportation tells PIX11 News state crews will clean up the lot.  

Sidewalks and streets are managed by the NYC Department of Sanitation. 

An inspector was on site evaluating the situation. It is a well-known illegal dump site.  

City crews have been out six times since the summer to remove items and have installed cameras at certain spots to catch offenders. But Andrade wants to see a long-term solution around the empty state lot.  

“I want them to be able to take seriously a request to create roadside habitat, pollinator buffers, a sound buffer, and inhibit litter,” she said.  

She said she has been in contact with the state. After work around the expressway, there are new trees on a new section.