NEW YORK (PIX11) — As more and more asylum seekers make their way into New York City, the struggle about where to house them continues.

More buses full of migrants are expected to arrive at the Port Authority bus terminal Wednesday morning, and several arrived Tuesday night as well. Once they arrived they are moved to other facilities for services.

However, many migrants are also arriving from southern states at local airports, and are not receiving the same help. 

According to the non-profit group, Artists Athletes Activists, asylum seekers arriving at area airports would be stranded if they were not ordering transportation.

“Here at the airports, whether LGA, JFK, Newark, or even McArthur there is no transportation,” said Power Malu the executive director of Artists Athletes Activists.

“We’re getting at least 100-150 people right now consistently, sometimes 200 per day. They end up sleeping overnight in the airports,” he continued.

The group said at least two dozen migrants touched down at LaGuardia Airport on Tuesday, with many unclear on what to do next.

“The problem is that they’re not coming in concentrated numbers. We get people coming in like 5 at this airline, 5 at this airline, 15 at this airline,” Malu explained. 

The NYC Mayor’s Office put out a statement Monday, saying, “We’ve been very clear for the last two weeks that New York City is out of space. Every single day, hundreds of asylum seekers arrive in New York with no support, after hundreds more arrived the day before, and thousands more in the days and week earlier. But, once again, we are stepping up, in the absence of a national solution to this national crisis and are coming up with our own decompression strategy.”

Now in addition to all this, there will be more parent-led protests being held this morning in Brooklyn at P.S. 189, against converting public school gyms into housing for migrants.