NEW YORK (PIX11) — New York City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams released a roadmap for mental health, a community-based plan to expand mental health care services across the city.

The focus is on preventing emergencies, not just responding to them. “This is one of the top priorities for the Council,” Speaker Adams said Monday.

The roadmap calls for the creation of two mental health crisis respite centers in each borough. New Yorkers would be able to turn to the centers as an alternative to hospitalization and stay for up to a week. 

The New York City Council will also work with the mayor to secure $28 million in funding for mental health clinics in city schools. 

Many of the initiatives in Speaker Adams’ mental health roadmap would require a full vote by the City Council and a signature from the mayor. Speaker Adams said she is working to get her colleagues in government on board with this plan to deliver urgent services to New Yorkers in need.