NEW YORK (PIX11) — The next phase of New York City’s war on rats in the trash rolls out Tuesday.

All businesses with five or more locations in the five boroughs must use a garbage can with a secure lid instead of garbage bags.

“This includes businesses under the same name, under common ownership, or businesses pursuant to a franchise agreement,” the Department of Sanitation website reads.

Rachel Quick, who works at Bond Vet on the Upper East Side, said they’re ready.

“We just found out about this. I think if it’s going to help control the rat population, it’s a good thing,” Quick told PIX11 News.

Bond Vet has 25 locations in New York City.

There will be a 30-day grace period in which warnings will be issued. Fines will begin on Oct. 1.

Last month, the city started requiring all food establishments to use a garbage can with a lid.

A spokesman with the Department of Sanitation told PIX11 News that about 7,000 businesses will be affected by this change.

“Between chain stores and food businesses, this means 5 million pounds (of garbage) per day is off the street and into containership,” the department estimated.