NEW YORK (PIX11) — Restaurants and other commercial food establishments may soon have to use sealed containers to throw out their trash instead of plastic garbage bags.

A proposed rule change by The New York City Department of Sanitation states:

“All food-related businesses must set out any putrescible solid waste, including refuse and organic waste, at the curb for private carter collection in rigid receptacles with tight-fitting lids. The proposed rule would not apply to recyclable materials other than organic waste. The proposed rule would also not apply to food-related businesses that receive off-street collection, including collection that takes place in a loading dock.”

New Yorkers on Thursday said they were on board with the idea.

“Anything to fight the rat problem, I mean, it’s just obnoxious right now,” Johnny Musovic, the owner of Sojourn Social, told PIX11 News.

Jimmy Levantis, the owner of Nick’s Restaurant on Second Avenue and 94th Street, said he’s concerned about other people dumping their trash in his bins since restaurants pay for private hauling companies to take away the garbage.

“If it’s open and everybody has access, my garbage is going to be double, and I will be charged double the money at the end of the month. Plus I have to clean up and all this, so I don’t want to be responsible for the whole neighborhood,” Levantis told PIX11 News.

The city will hold a public hearing on the proposal on June 22. It’s expected to go into effect in July.