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NEW YORK CITY — A new photo exhibit called “Q100” is on display at Astoria Park.

Salvador Espinoza, 39, grew up riding the Q100 bus. It’s also the only direct bus to Rikers Island.

As a photographer, Espinoza saw the art in the faces of the families taking that long ride to visit their loved ones.

“I spoke to many people who didn’t want me to take their photo. But we did share a moment. I got to know them. Some let me take their pictures, and that was the cherry on top,” said Espinoza.

The Q100 photos are on display in Astoria Park along 19th Street, just a block away from the bus stop.

Its part of a city-wide festival called Photoville, where hundreds of photographs are displayed in local parks across New York City.

“If you are out in a gallery, people could miss it, and this story belongs to the people — and should be shared,” said Sam Brazilay, the co-founder of Photoville.

Every image Espinoza captured has a story. He hopes people who see his photos are moved like he was, and that people don’t just see those incarcerated, but see their families’ emotional struggles.

The photos will be on display til Nov. 29. There are 60 photo exhibits across all five borough. They are all in outside, in local parks.