NEW YORK (PIX11) — They keep New York fed through snow, heat and other extreme conditions — now, new protections for New York City’s food delivery workers will go into effect Friday.

Workers who deliver restaurant orders through third party apps will now have more control over which deliveries they choose to accept. Cyclists will see the details of the order and how far they are expected to travel before agreeing to the job.

Under a new city law, food app delivery workers will also be paid at least once a week. Previously, some drivers paid a penalty fee for receiving a weekly paycheck.

Gustvo Ajche, who delivers food orders year round, said it “looks easy, but you have to deal with a lot of things.”

Ajche is also founder of Los Deliveristas Unidas. He called the new laws to protect delivery workers exciting.

“I’m checking the apps, they follow the rules now,” he said.

Mayor Eric Adams celebrated the new worker protections at City Hall Thursday, saying “they delivered for New York, and now we’re delivering for them.”