TRENTON, N.J. (PIX11) — The national baby formula shortage prompted New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy to announce a state of emergency Tuesday night.

The state of emergency will prevent price gouging as well as enable to government to provide parents with more resources to find the formula they desperately need for their babies. As long as the state of emergency is in place, retailers cannot raise the price of available formula by more than 10%. 

The state Health Department also launched a website,, to connect parents with resources, including information on area food banks and mental health services. Murphy also directed state officials to investigate whether New Jersey can source and distribute baby formula similar to how the government was able to give out PPE during the height of the COVID pandemic. 

The governor said baby formula is not in the state’s stockpile. He’s also looking into assistance from the federal government.

“So lots going on, lots of stress. And we’re gonna do everything we can. I can’t overpromise and underdeliver,” Murphy said on News 12 New Jersey Tuesday night.

Murphy said any tips about where parents can find formula will also be posted on the website