WESTFIELD, N.J. (PIX11) — Dorota Mani, a mom in Westfield, New Jersey, is on a mission to make deepfake pornography illegal. 

Pictures of her 14-year-old daughter, Francesca, and dozens of female classmates were put onto X-rated images using AI technology. Mani said the Westfield School District is not doing enough to protect her daughter or to punish the male classmates who created the content. 

“I would like to see something done tomorrow,” said Mani. “It should have been done yesterday.” 

The Westfield School District said the incident happened over the summer, but the administration was made aware of it on Oct. 20. 

“Francesca doesn’t have a Facebook account,” said Mani. “She doesn’t have an Instagram account. So we don’t even know where the photographs came from.”

Mani soon learned an alarming truth: deepfake pornography is not illegal in New Jersey. The laws have not caught up with the technology. 

Earlier this year, Republican State Senator Kristin Corrado introduced a bill to criminalize deepfake pornography. It remains in committee.