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EWING, N.J. — Body-camera footage from a New Jersey police officer shows the dramatic rescue of a woman who became stranded amid Ida’s historic flooding on Sept. 1.

According to the Ewing Police Department, the woman was driving during the storm when she was forced to exit her vehicle as flood waters continues to rise. She then found herself trapped in the fast-moving water, unable to get to safety.

Officer Justin Quinlan was able to find a way through the treacherous water and come to the motorist’s aid.

Video from his body-cam shows the officer position himself and the woman on a guard rail along the road, where they had a stable location to await rescue personnel from the Ewing Fire Department.

“They’re gonna have a boat come out,” the officer can be heard telling the woman.

Officer Quinlan stayed with the woman for over 20 minutes while units from various area fire stations responded and staged a rescue operation, officials said.

Ewing Fire Department Captain Kyle Brower and firefighter Oscar Estrada entered the water and were able to successfully rescue both the woman and the police officer from the deadly, rising flood waters.

According to police, the initial response and rescue lasted over 40 minutes.