JERSEY CITY, NJ (PIX11) — An irate customer who was denied service at Taqueria Downtown in Jersey City hopped into his car and backed into two restaurant workers, the side of the eatery and another vehicle, officials said Monday.

The man was at the restaurant near Grand and Grove streets late on Saturday night. He was turned away because it was last call at the bar, authorities said. The man yelled at a restaurant worker before leaving, police said. But then a physical altercation ensued once the customer, along with another man and a woman, were outside.

The three people then got into a vehicle, officials said. The driver backed up, hitting two restaurant workers, the side of the building and another vehicle, according to police.

The workers’ injuries were not considered life-threatening. The driver of the vehicle that was hit refused medical attention at the scene.

A Jersey City Police spokesperson said the investigation was ongoing. Officials have not released additional details.