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BRICK TOWNSHIP, NJ — Two New Jersey police officers were struck by a Mercedes as they broke up a massive Brick Township party on Monday night.

There were more than 400 people at the Atlantic Drive party and homeowner Michelle Cicchillo told police that it had grown out of control. She said she’d tried unsuccessfully to get people to leave.

Officers, including Patrolman Joseph Riccio and an unnamed Street Crimes Unit detective, scoured the neighborhood for hours and told partygoers to leave. As they cleared the area, Riccio and the detective spotted the Mercedes; the driver allegedly hit the officers and sped off.

Police followed the Mercedes to the Garden State Parkway. Officers eventually arrested alleged driver Darius Edwards, a 24-year-old Brooklyn man, on charges of assault by auto, eluding, obstruction and possession of marijuana, as well as motor vehicle offenses.

Two others were arrested: Dakari Smith, a 23-year-old Brooklyn man, was charged with obstruction. Police also charged the homeowner with maintaining a nuisance and violating the township noise ordinances against excessive loudness and mass gatherings.

Officer Riccio was hospitalized for a knee injury.