BAYONNE, N.J. (PIX11) — From artificial intelligence to electric vehicles, there is a world of future opportunities at the hands of students, like those at Bayonne High School.  

Workshops put on by the New York Giants, Ford Motor Company, and tech entrepreneur and Bayonne High graduate Greg Zinone are meant to open students’ eyes to roads they might not have known were open to them.  

The workshops were presented as part of efforts for community outreach for Hispanic Heritage Month.  

“‘There’s only so many opportunities that people think I can do in Bayonne,’ which is something that we got to change, that kind of narrative because we can do anything,” said Zinone. “I’m in the tech space. You would never think that I’m in the tech space, but I’m a co-founder of a few tech companies that are doing really, really well, and I came out of Bayonne. We’re just trying to teach these kids that they can do anything.” 

Former Giants linebacker and New Brunswick native Jonathan Casillas wants kids to see the future they could make for themselves.

“These kids don’t understand the opportunities that they have,” said Casillas. “Bayonne High School, they got three car lifts in the high school, that’s a great opportunity itself. With Ford coming in, with Greg coming in to explain the emergence of AI, the emergence of electric cars, now these kids can get ahead of the curve.” 

“Be true to who you are,” Casillas said. “Don’t let your friends or social media discourage you from doing what you want to do or what you’re choosing to pursue.” 

“I know I’m capable of being able to control what to do in my future,” said Rocky Rodiguez, a senior at Bayonne High School and captain of the football team. “Hearing that from another high-up guy who was a captain of the New York Giants who won two Super Bowls, being a young athlete, it was awesome to hear that from somebody like him.”