NEWARK, NJ (PIX11) — The New Jersey man accused of shooting two Newark police officers attempting to take him into custody was arrested after nearly a day on the loose, officials said Wednesday.

Kendall “Book” Howard, 30, has been charged with two counts of attempted murder and various weapons charges, according to authorities.

Both officers, each with less than two years on the job, are in stable condition and expected to make a full recovery, officials said. One of the cops was released from the hospital Wednesday.

Howard allegedly opened fire on two officers Tuesday afternoon on Van Velsor Place near Chancellor Avenue as they tried to bring him in for questioning on another shooting, officials said.

Howard allegedly shot one officer in the leg, and left the second with a graze wound to the neck, as well as a shoulder injury, according to authorities.

Witnesses, prosecutors, and Newark Mayor Ras Baraka said that two good Samaritans rushed to aid the injured officers as the gunfire continued. Baraka singled out one local resident in particular. 

“The woman who got out of her car, and dragged [the officer] to safety, in the middle of a gunfight,” he said, “this goes against all of the narratives.”

The good Samaritans were not identified on Wednesday, but officials said, they may receive official recognition later on.

Law enforcement leaders didn’t say what Howard was doing in the building, but several residents said he had been loitering at that location for several weeks. 

“I don’t believe he lives here,” said Asia Smith, who’s a tenant of the building at 25 Van Velsor Place, where Howard was found. 

“I’ve never seen him going into an apartment,” she continued. “He always stays on the first floor or the second floor, smoking his weed.”

Another tenant, who did not want her name made public, said that security in the building, as well as another apartment building next door, where Howard would also regularly loiter, was lax.

“You can leave the doors propped open,” she said. “The side door doesn’t lock at all.”

“We’ve seen him in the lobby, singing to himself,” she continued. “The owners won’t do anything, and tenants have been asking for years to properly lock the building.”

She and other tenants said that they’re billed for rent every month by One Wall Management, LLC and Boomers Management, LLC. PIX11 News repeatedly attempted to reach both companies for comment, to no avail. 

On Thursday, a spokesperson said that while One Wall Management used to own the building, the company sold it a while back. According to the spokesperson, Boomers Management currently owns the building.

Authorities were not able to confirm the accounts from residents.

“We have no reports of anyone squatting,” officials said.

The acting prosecutor, Theodore Stephens, said that security issues at the building where Howard was apprehended will now become part of the ongoing investigation.