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JERSEY CITY, N.J. — A retired school teacher was killed in a Jersey City park Sunday morning, officials said.

Anthony Bello died after what police described as an altercation in Pershing Field.

As president of the local little league, Bellow was a fixture in the park.

He was fondly remembered by former student Sheldon Gochiz. Gochiz, now 26, took Bello’s history class when he was in middle school.

“You always see him around. You always say, ‘hi,’ but to have him pass away like that, brutally murdered, actually hit me now,” he said. “We definitely lost a man of the community.”

Bello’s family said they believe the Jersey City Police Department and the Hudson County Prosecutors Office are doing everything they can to find whoever is responsible for his death.

Resident John Montalvo said Bello was a “very nice man.”

“I would say hi to him every morning. He would sit in the park and watch the kids play baseball,” he said. “This is a very sad day.”