VERNON TWP., N.J. (PIX11) — Florida snowboarder Alex Prister may have picked the best time of the season to fly up to his native New Jersey and shred down the mountain.

“Not [the] black diamond! The green, you know? The easy way,” said Prister. 

Now that Mountain Creek Resort is seeing some of its best snowfall since before Christmas, mother nature is adding some fresh powder to the man-made snow the resort has been cranking out all this season.

“We don’t always get natural snow,” said general manager Evan Kovach, “so we rely heavily on being able to make our own snow. There’s numerous men and women who work for us day and night to make sure we lay down a great snow surface for our guests on the mountain.”

There was plenty of snowfall on Monday. It served as a taste, maybe, for what’s to come later this week, according to forecasts.

“Natural snow only sweetens the pot, right?” said Kovach. “We do rely on man-made snow a lot,  but when it does snow in the market, it gets everyone excited about winter and gets them out to the slopes. We’ve seen a couple of inches of snow last night into today and later on this week we’re actually expecting even more than that heading into the weekend which will only excite our guests, excite our team and create better conditions out there on the snow.”

The resort’s good fortunes look to continue this week coming out of a strong Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend, when they say the attendance was even stronger than last year.

“It’s exhilarating, it’s exciting, it’s an escape from all of life,” said Prister. “It’s a skill you’re trying to hone in on and you’re trying to get better at it. Hiking, you can just walk through the forest. This, you’re appreciating the nature having fun with it. It’s the whole experience with the world.”