SAYREVILLE, N.J. (PIX11) — It’s been nearly two months since a well-known councilwoman from this Central Jersey city was mysteriously murdered. Her family had not spoken out about the still-unsolved killing until Wednesday.

They said that they felt compelled to come forward since there has been little information coming to them from investigators on the case. 

The parents, husband, and two uncles of Councilwoman Eunice Dwumfour joined with their pastor and a former state legislator to express their frustrations and concerns with the status of her murder case. 

Dwumfour’s mother, Mary, was tearful as she expressed her feelings at a noontime news conference in the council chambers where her daughter had held a seat until her slaying early last month. 

“I need justice for my daughter,” Mary Dwumfour said at the podium. “Please, God, help me; thank you,” she added before being overcome by her sobs.  

The mother’s reaction was indicative of the frustration Dwumfour’s family is having over how the investigation into her murder is going. She was killed on Feb. 1. 

However, said Rev. Karl Badu, the parents’ pastor, “We got the first call from somebody in the prosecutor’s office Feb. 7.”

“That was it,” he continued, “until we requested a meeting on March 7.” 

When that meeting finally took place, said John Wisniewski, the family’s legal advisor, the result was inconclusive. 

“They have not said they have no leads,” he said, “but they also have not said that they have leads.”

Wisniewski, a local attorney and former state legislator, had been sought out by Dwumfour’s family to help them get more answers. They’d said that the prosecutors had left them in the dark. 

“We are not happy about that,” said Prince Dwumfour, the father of the councilmember, at the news conference.

The councilwoman was in her SUV in front of her apartment around 7:20 p.m. on the night of the murder. 

A man approached her vehicle and fired multiple shots, according to witnesses, killing her. The man ran away in the direction of the Garden State Parkway, which runs adjacent to the apartment complex where Dwumfour lived.

Living with her was her 12-year-old daughter. The girl was home when the gunfire rang out. 

Afterward, it was left to the girl’s grandfather to explain what happened. 

“She was screaming and then crying,” Prince Dwumfour explained. 

He said that to help her and the whole family get some closure, they need investigators to be more responsive.

In a statement, investigators responded:

“The Eunice Dwumfour investigation is ongoing. The Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office will continue to seek justice for Ms. Dwumfour in a responsible manner that balances the needs of the grieving family and to protect the integrity of our investigation.” 

The family had a variety of criticisms, including that they’d never been asked by prosecutors if there was anyone they knew who might want to harm Dwumfour. They also were critical of the fact that virtually none of the surveillance videos taken as evidence from the many cameras in operation in the area at the time of the murder had been released to the public.

“It’s painful,” said Peter Ezechukwu, Dwumfour’s husband. “I must tell you the truth. It’s painful, really painful.”