LINDEN, N.J. (PIX11) — A Shih Tzu was euthanized Thursday after being viciously attacked by two other loose dogs Wednesday night, the Linden Police Department said.

Officers on patrol about 9:15 p.m. saw a resident walking their dog by Cleveland Avenue and Roselle Street when they saw the two other dogs, pit bulls, approach. The loose dogs then attacked the small dog.

According to police, the officers were able to scare off the attacking dogs by sounding the siren in their car.

The Shih Tzu sustained significant injuries to its leg and was taken to an emergency vet following the attack. The pit bulls were taken to the Newark Humaine Society.

The owner of the dogs has since come forward and is cooperating with the investigation, officials said. The dogs, which don’t have any previous incidents reported, are currently on a “10-day-hold.” Their future will be determined after the 10 days is up.