NEWARK, N.J. (PIX11) — Drone technology has advanced to include marine and underwater views. The machines have become a part of the tool kit for police departments and city agencies. 

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is testing some models for use at its facilities in, around and under the waters of the region’s harbor and bays. 

Aquatic drones can provide details and views of the port’s marine structures and new information on underwater elements of bridges and tunnels. 

Port Authority departments and personnel have been participating in an innovation lab.

The program director says they’re reviewing technology and proposals to enhance, streamline and improve services. 

“When we do these inspections, it’s row rowboats and SCUBA gear,” said Seth Wainer. 

Jens Stook is with AquaSmartXL, the Netherlands-based company demonstrating aquatic drones. 

“The level of detail is great. You can go in a completely dark area,” he said. 

In February, PIX11 News Reporter Greg Mocker also observed a test of some arial drones.

From a Port Authority workboat on Wednesday, crews recorded images of berths and support columns at Port Newark.  

“If this is successful, we can reduce our operating costs, and improve service for all of our users,” Wainer said. 

Panelists with the innovation hub routinely review proposals, images and video and will be deciding permanent application next year.