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NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. (PIX11)– In the short span of three weeks, at least five Rutgers University students have been robbed. While students are relieved an arrest has been made, they say more could be done to help them feel safe.

A Rutgers student was jumped by four men off-campus and robbed Sunday morning, but police arrested one of the assailants–18-year-old Myles Soni of Franklin Park.

Soni was charged with robbery and assault. The other suspects are still at large.

Another Rutgers students was robbed Saturday night. Cops don’t think this weekend’s incidents are connected or the three other similar robberies and assaults that have happened on campus since Oct. 19. Parents are understandably alarmed.

Rutgers police chief is urging college students to be vigilant and students say they are using common sense but these types of crimes are too common.

There is a free shuttle bus for kids during what’s considered high crime hours late at night and early in the morning, but it only operates on campus. Most of the robberies just off campus where many kids live and work.