FREEHOLD, NJ (PIX11) — The worlds of ice cream and rock ‘n’ roll collided this week when rockers Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi paid a visit to Jersey Freeze – a local staple for fast food and ice cream in Freehold. 

Astonished would be one way to describe how shop owners Katie Dinonno and Matt Cangialosi felt when they fully absorbed the situation, which unraveled Wednesday afternoon. 

“Matt was here with Bruce saying hello to him and I was outside and then I turn around and I see Jon Bon Jovi and I’m like ‘wait – are you guys here together?,’” recounted Dinonno. “And he’s like ‘yes.’ And then I’m like ‘same car? You’re together!?’“

He said yes.

Dinonno knew it was an opportunity she could not pass up and she asked the pair for a photo. They agreed and the rest is history. 

While both Springsteen and Bon Jovi have homes in the area and have been at the shop in the past, they’ve never been there together.

“You know, it reminds people that we are here and shows us that small businesses are the backbone of this country and this community,” Cangialosi said.

Wednesday’s rockstar visit is certainly a highlight for Jersey Freeze in its 70-year history. The shop, which was taken over by Dinonno and Cangialosi in 2014, credits the power of community for getting them through the hardships brought on by the pandemic. Whether they were household names or everyday customers – that support kept them afloat.