WARNING: Several of the license plates the New Jersey MVC denied in 2022 contain inappropriate and offensive language. They are listed below.

NEW JERSEY (PIX11) — A caped crusader was one of more than 1,400 drivers out of luck in New Jersey last year. 

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission shot down the driver’s request for a personalized BATM0BL license plate. It was just one of 1,416 plates that didn’t make it to the roads in 2022.

“The most common reason for rejection is because the request is for a plate combination that is already reserved for another vehicle, for special vehicles, or for groups such as government agencies, automobile dealers, doctors, and automobile collectors,” a state official said in a letter to PIX11 News.

Though state officials have not specified, requests such as 2022’s TAC0CAT, URL0VED and FINDJOY, which were both rejected, were likely shot down because they were already in use.

Some personalized plates were turned down because they had “connotations offensive to good taste and decency,” according to the MVC. That’s why drivers likely won’t see BIATCH, BADA55, FELON or T0PL355 license plates on cars. They were each among the plates shot down. 

A number of drivers got shot down after they requested license plates featuring President Joe Biden’s name.

Curious about what made the reject pile? See the full list from 2022 here.