NEW JERSEY (PIX11) — A newly proposed law aims to ensure the debate on if Central Jersey ends and the counties in the region are recognized by New Jersey’s Division of Travel and Tourism. Roughly 3.6 million New Jersey residents, separated by several different counties, live in that part of the state, according to World Population Review. The name of the area they call home has been debated for generations.

Assemblymembers Roy Freiman, Sadaf F. Jaffer and Anthony S. Verrelli from Hunterdon County sponsored the proposed law. The law would require Central Jersey to be included in tourism funds. New Jersey, as a state, would have to promote Central Jersey as a location by law. Tourism maps of New Jersey will be required to be redrawn with Central Jersey represented, among other things.

So, where is Central Jersey exactly? New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said on his official Twitter account there are seven counties in the area that is considered part of Central Jersey, with two that could be considered outside of the region:

  • Hunterdon
  • Mercer
  • Middlesex
  • Monmouth
  • Somerset
  • Ocean*
  • Union*

Ocean, Union and Monmouth Counties are left out of the bill as it only requires Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex and Somerset counties to be added to the Central Jersey region at a minimum. However, the state could add the three counties or formally recognize them as North and South Jersey respectfully.