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MAPLEWOOD, N.J. — Neighbors say they couldn’t sleep Sunday night after learning of a triple homicide that happened right outside their doorstep.

Firefighters found three people dead with gunshot wounds inside an apartment at the end of Van Ness Terrace.

Maplewood Police are keeping everyone away from the dead end block, except for residents and deliveries.

Neighbors who spoke to PIX11 did not hear gunfire, but were shaken after hearing the news.

“It was shocking,” said Stanley Lora, a handyman who has made repairs inside the apartment complex in the past.

“These things never happen around here.”

The Essex County Prosecutor identified the dead on Monday — Roshana Kenilson, 30, of Paterson; Lance Fraser, 44, of Newark; and Michael Davis, 45, of Maplewood.

Investigators say that a loved one called authorities after being unable to get in touch with someone inside the apartment. Firefighters forced their way inside at 11:45 a.m. on Sunday.

“I actually got scared and couldn’t sleep last night,” said Cyndie Casses, a neighbor. She came home from church on Sunday to find the block flooded with police.

“Until they find out what happened I guess i’m still going to have that fear in the back of my head.”

Anyone with information should call 1-877-TIPS-4EC.