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PATERSON, N.J. (PIX11) — Jessica Sillaro knows a thing or two about bread. For nearly a decade, the entrepreneur who was born and raised in the Garden State was a consultant for the Paterson-based bakery The Bread Guy, a full-service bakery churning out everything from baked goods to baguettes.

Sillaro quickly moved up the ranks and when she saw her open, she purchased the 25-year-old business, becoming one of the few Certified Woman-Owned Businesses in town.

“Being a Certified Woman-Owned Business named The Bread Guy didn’t really make a lot of sense, so we did some rebranding,” said Sillaro.

She renamed it “The Bread Gal,” a new era for the brand that continues to call Paterson home. The subtle, yet impactful name change and how it has the potential to inspire young women is not lost on Sillaro.

“Children are our future, so giving them examples to look up to and what they could do and what they could become and letting them know that their options could be limitless,” said Sillaro.

It’s one of the reasons why Sillaro was honored by the city of Paterson on Tuesday for International Women’s Day. Whether her team was out donating baked goods to local pantries at the height of the pandemic or filling 80% of its facility’s positions with members of the community, she has made an impact and building a legacy.

“When you have the ability to do something, to make things better to enhance your community to give back, that’s what you do,” said Sillaro.