MIDDLESEX, N.J. (PIX11) – The hunt for the Middlesex borough alligator rolls on, with no luck so far in capturing the reptile.

“You know, wild for this whole little neighborhood that we’re in,” said resident David Tatulli. 

People like Tatulli are leaning into the gator’s new hideout spot in Ambrose Brook, hosting a gator party just outside their house along the brook, complete with an inflatable gator on top of their car. 

“We had our little mascot here,” said Tatulli. “We’ve actually dubbed ourselves the Greene Ave. Gators, because this is Greene Ave. in Middlesex.”

Behind the yellow tape, though, are serious efforts to nab the critter at Victor Crowell Park, which was spotted as recently as Wednesday morning by a Borough police officer on patrol.

“He had a pretty big searchlight, and apparently when he turned the light on, it spooked the alligator, which is normal, and went back in,” Middlesex Mayor John L. Madden.

State partners, he said, are helping to bring in humane traps so they can safely relocate the reptile. Until then, the park remains off-limits.

“However long it’s going to take, I always stick with it,” said Madden.