WOODBRIDGE, NJ (PIX11) — New Jersey parents on Tuesday demanded more in-depth investigations at a high school that could be linked to a cancer cluster.

A former Colonia High School student identified more than 100 former students and staff members who’d been diagnosed with the same type of brain tumor. He also found another 70 linked to the Woodbridge school with cancers.

Both the school and local government agencies launched investigations after Al Lupiano’s discovery came to light. They aren’t doing enough, parents said in a petition started on Tuesday.

“Because the school remains open, we demand greater urgency to find out if potentially harmful substances are harming our children and staff at Colonia High School,” the petition reads. “We understand that collecting environmental samples and analyzing them takes time, but that is exactly the reason why concurrent sampling of various media and parameters must be done ASAP.”

Many parents also want a remote option for students. They worry the school environment is unsafe. Woodbridge Township Superintendent of Schools Dr. Joseph Massimino has made more than one inquiry with the state Department of Education about it, he said.

“[I] was informed that remote instruction is only available in the event of an active health crisis or emergency,” he wrote in a letter to parents. “At this time, the Woodbridge Township Board of Health has informed me that there is no substantiated public health concern related to Colonia High School. I again reached out to the County Superintendent to confirm that this was the only process by which remote instruction could be permitted. Thus, based on the criteria set forth by the New Jersey Department of Education, unfortunately remote instruction is currently not an option.”

Woodbridge Township received a copy of a petition on school issues, Mayor John McCormac said. He noted Massimino would be responding to it.

“The Township’s consultant is not investigating a possible link between the school grounds and a cancer cluster at all. Our consultant is testing for radiation in the air inside the school and also testing the grounds for elevated levels of radiation,” McCormac said. “The testing is complete and the results were sent to laboratories. The only entity able to investigate links is the State of New Jersey Department of Health or perhaps Federal agencies but that is outside the purview of the Township’s professionals.”

Lupiano previously told NewsNation he’s become more worried as time goes on. His sister, who died from the impact of a brain tumor, has kids who attend Colonia High School.

“The thought of them having to go through what the rest of us have lived through is just daunting,” Lupiano said. “The sooner we get answers, the sooner we can find out if there’s an ongoing problem, and the better everyone will be for it.”