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KEARNY, NJ — A mom and her son were on their way home Sunday when their car stalled on a New Jersey street and then started to flood.

They’d just come off of Route 280 when the car stalled.

“They didn’t shut the road down and I came through and I couldn’t make it,” she said. “It shut down – the whole car.”

Water from the heavy rains quickly filled the car. Both the woman and her son, who was in the backseat, perched on the tops of their seats while they waited for help from the local fire department.

“There’s water in the car all the way up  to the seats,” said the woman, whose husband is a firefighter. “So we were sitting all the way on top of the seats in order to get safe.”

Firefighters arrived in a boat, gave the woman and her son life vests and escorted them to safety on the boat.

They left the car behind.

Flood warnings are in effect for parts of the region.