ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J. (PIX11) — Tea is the second most widely consumed beverage worldwide, followed only by water. The global tea market this year is expected to top $53 billion.

With more people becoming health conscious, there’s a growing demand for herbal teas to help reduce stress and inflammation. Many big companies produce the teas, but mar one entrepreneur in New Jersey is making a mark with her woman-owned tea company.

Zahira Marmar finds peace and tranquility in the garden of her Englewood Cliffs home. She tends her herbal plants and picks up the scent of success. She feels she has found the perfect elixir for a healthy tea, the organic herbal ingredients she produces in the products she sells at the Hrbvor tea company she founded less than three years ago.

Marmar said growing up in St. Martin in the Caribbean. She spent a good deal of time with her mother in an herb garden.

“I remember her sending me out if i had a fever to get some herbs,” Marmar reflected. “If i had a cough, I’d get some thyme. For whatever ailment i had, for just well-being, i had a tea.”

Just as she was inspired by her mother for the love and appreciation of organic herbs and tea, Marmar said her children inspired her to create a healthy brand of tea.

“My need was to send them to school with healthy beverages, not those sugar-loaded drinks,” she said. “They shared it with their friends. It caught on and it became the Hrbvor we’re drinking today. The children definitely inspired me to start this.”

In a short period of time, Hrbvor has produced six varieties of tea, including an herbal ice tea brand of still and sparkling teas. The benefits they have offered her children motivated the branding of names.

“Before a basketball game, a quick pickup was needed. That’s when we took Revive tea,” Marmar explained. “Before a test, focus tea, and at times, they would need calm, calm tea. it really warms my heart that when my children don’t feel well, the first thing they ask for is a cup of tea.”

The organic herbs are harvested from different regions of the world, from Ethiopia to Indonesia and are processed in a plant in Utah.

“I don’t think we’re successful yet. When we get a new order, that is a little taste of success for me,” Marmar maintained.

Although she’s busy running a woman-owned business, Marmar has not lost sight of the fact that her family remains her best cup of tea.

“I would say my family keeps me in check, my children in particular. They need mommy time,” Marmar said.

“An idea is a greater monument than a cathedral,” Famed attorney Clarence Darrow once said.

Marma’s idea grew out of a garden in St. Martin. Her mission today is to turn a generation of families onto the amazing flavors and benefits of herbal tea and to make the world a healthier place—one tea at a time.

Hrbvor teas are available through online orders online and for wholesale and at these locations:

  • Eli Zabars Market – 1415 3rd Ave, New York, N.Y.
  • Healthway Natural Foods – 35 Riveredge Rd, Tenafly, N.J.