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PATERSON, N.J. (PIX11) — In an unusual paternity test precedent, a New Jersey judge ruled that when it came to a set of twins, a Passaic man IS the father — of only one of them.

The mother, only identified in court documents as “T.M.” listed the man, “A.S.,” as the father of her twin girls born in January of 2013 when seeking child support, reports. But, after T.M. admitted to having sex with another man in the same week she had relations with A.S., a paternity test was ordered.

In November 2014, the test came back that A.S. was the father of one of the girls with 99.9 percent certainty, but that he wasn’t the father of the other.

A DNA expert testified two eggs were fertilized during the same menstrual cycle. The phenomena, called Heteropaternal superfecundation, is extremely rare and occurs in only one out of 13,000 paternity cases involving twins.

Judge Sohail Mohammed ruled that A.S. is only responsible for one of the children, totaling $28 a week.