MANVILLE, NJ (PIX11) — The impacts of Ida are still readily apparent across the Garden State one year after the storm claimed 30 lives in New Jersey.

Homes are still undergoing a large scale renovations, more still have signs marking them uninhabitable. Some are looking to sell or for a government buyout to get out of their properties.

“To this day, it’s even hard to think about and get through,” said Cindy Murray, who lost everything in her basement and many things on her first floor. “You look at the house and think I can’t believe it’s been a year already and it’s not completely done.”

Murray said in some ways, when the water came, it washed away the spirit of her close-knit Manville neighborhood.

“The sad thing as you look at your neighbors from my kitchen, and I always saw my neighbor’s house, and now it’s not there anymore,” she said.

Murray said she got some government help, but has not been made entirely whole from Ida. She is staying, but many of her neighbors have for sale signs up.

“Thirty of our fellow New Jerseyian were killed,” Gov. Phil Murphy said while marking the somber anniversary “”[It’s the] most of any of the nine states, by the way, that felt Ida’s impact.”

He said hundreds of millions have already been spent to help residents rebuild or move on. Murphy also promised $283 million more in federal housing resources, including buyout programs, are on the way.

The federal government only just authorized the money in May, and the state is going through the legal process of distributing it, including holding hearings.