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HARMONY TOWNSHIP, N.J. — An New Jersey Trooper came to a buck’s rescue who got caught in a pool holding on for “deer” life.

New Jersey Trooper Dwayne Phillips went to a home in Harmony Township at 13:39 pm. Friday when a worker discovered a deer in a swimming pool.

Phillips found the deer, who “had been [clearly] struggling for quite some time,” NJ State Police wrote on Facebook.

State troopers aren’t necessary trained to rescue deer from a swimming pool, but Phillips thought on his feet and got the struggling buck to safety.

“Well, he grabbed the buck by its rack and pulled him from the water to safety!” the Facebook post read.

“Now, there is always the possibility of serious injury or worse when trying to rescue a drowning victim and even more so when the victim is a wild animal. But this trooper did an outstanding job!”

The buck took a moment to recuperate before running off. It’s unclear where it scampered off, but hopefully it doesn’t end up in any pools anytime soon.

For Phillips, it was rewarding to save another life on the job.

“The most rewarding thing that we can do as troopers is to save a life, human or animal,” NJ State Police wrote.