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PARK RIDGE, NJ — A Starbucks worker in New Jersey allegedly spat in police officers’ drinks, officials said Tuesday.

Park Ridge officers arrested Kevin Trejo, 21, on charges of subjecting a law enforcement officer to contact with bodily fluid, knowingly tampering with a cup of coffee while knowing it was ordered by a law enforcement officer and creating a hazardous or physically dangerous condition.

New Jersey State Policemen’s Benevolent Association President Patrick Colligan called Trejo’s alleged actions “outrageous.”

“Every time I think we as society hit bottom, there is a new incident,” Colligan said. “Officers risk their lives daily, it shouldn’t be while getting coffee.”

A Starbucks spokesperson said Trejo was no longer employed by the company.

“Obviously this individual’s behavior was reprehensible and not at all a reflection of how our partners or employees treat our customers on a daily basis,” the spokesperson said.

Starbucks is working with the police department in the investigation.