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ROXBURY, NJ — Students in Roxbury will get a long weekend so they can relax.

District officials decided to use an emergency day on Dec. 10 so that students will have a long weekend.

“It is our sincere hope that our families will be able to use this gift of time to take a moment to enjoy the season, take a breath, and enjoy a long weekend amidst the bustle,” Superintendent of Schools Lorett Radulic wrote to parents.

Roxbury isn’t the only district shaking things up for students. The superintendent of the Wayne School District announced several no homework weekends.

“Wellness weekends represent a break away from school responsibilities,” he wrote. “During each of the three wellness weekends, students do not have any obligations to the school district, which means no homework, no tests or quizzes, and no due dates scheduled directly before or after a wellness weekend. We hope this will lead to healthier students, employees and families.”