PLAINFIELD, N.J. (PIX11) — Dozens of New Jersey families have been ordered to vacate their homes at a dilapidated apartment building on 24 hours’ notice. 

The building at 501 West 7th St. is now condemned after the city found out about hundreds of health violations such as mold and leaking water, sewage, and gas. But families are distraught, saying they were given 24 hours’ notice to get out and have nowhere to go.

The city said 49 units in the building have been affected. They say they are working on getting temporary housing for anyone who’s now without a home. Some people just moved in and are now out thousands of dollars.

“Right now everybody needs their money back,” said Estephany Blanca, one of the many people ordered to vacate. “We need to find a solution. If not, the owners of the building should at least find us a different building they can put us in.”

The residents came to City Hall to protest. Mayor Adrian O. Mapp addressed the families, saying the city had no choice but to condemn the building to protect everyone’s safety and is doing everything it can to make sure residents have temporary shelter. 

The city said it has made contact with the owners of the building.

A managing member of the group that owns the building tells PIX11 News they will not comment at this time, only to say that they are working on getting tenants home as quickly, safely and responsibly as possible.