SUSSEX COUNTY, N.J. (PIX11) – They wear different badges and patrol in different states, but at Skylands Stadium, their goal is the same: help get Cash Klem a wheelchair.

“He’s the happiest, most resilient little kid I’ve ever seen in my life,” said Cash’s father, Peter Klem. 

It’s the Battle of the Badges softball game ahead of the Sussex County Miners baseball game against the New Jersey Jackals. In attendance was 11-year-old Cash and his family. Cash lives with a condition called Cerebellar Ataxia.

“He faces just basic challenges from everyday life, from walking to the bathroom,” said Peter Klem. “He falls a lot.”

All proceeds from the softball game will go to Cash’s new power wheelchair and to the families of Pennsylvania State Trooper Jacques Rougeau, who was killed in the line of duty in June, and Lieutenant James Wagner, who was shot in the same incident but has since been in recovery.

“I mean, it’s just a good example of your community being amazing, and you know, that there is still some good out in the world,” said Peter Klem. 

One other Jersey Trooper is stepping up to the plate to help Cash, literally: Detective Miguel Hidalgo is signing a one-day contract with the Miners baseball team and will be donating his game check to Cash’s wheelchair and the families of the PA Troopers.

“I just feel extremely humbled to be given the opportunity to sign this contract in order to be able to help somebody for a good cause,” said Hidalgo.

A former college ball player, Hidalgo plays in a men’s league in his free time. It’ll be the first time he’s faced pro competition.

“I’m starting third base,” said Hidalgo. “Wherever I’m out there, I’m obviously going to try to do something to help the team, hopefully in a positive way.”

As he and his teammates give Cash a gift, a gift perhaps they will get in return is some inspiration.

“The kid’s always determined,” said Peter Klem. “He’s doing great. He never gives up. He’s a fighter.”