NJ officers placed on desk duty after video shows violent arrest, alleged misconduct

New Jersey

PATERSON, N.J. — Three Paterson officers are under fire, and under investigation, after surveillance video was released that shows them seemingly beating up a man late last year — and the police report has no mention of it.

Osamah Alsaidi, 20, spent the last two months unsuccessfully seeking accountability from the Paterson police officers who he says beat him up on Madison Avenue back in December for no good reason.

But everything changed Monday, after he went public with surveillance video showing the incident.

“I was lucky that I was able to get that video to prove — to show what really happened that day,” Alsaidi said.

That video has been a game-changer in this alleged police brutality case.

The Paterson Mayor’s Office confirmed Tuesday Officers Kendry Tineo, Bishnu McNight, and Kevin Patino — who’s seen on video repeatedly punching Alsaidi — were all just placed on desk duty.

That development coincides with new, dual investigations by the Passaic County Prosecutors Office and the New Jersey State Attorney General’s Office.

“A lot of times, if it’s you against an officer, most of the times they always believe the officer,” Alsaidi said.

Additionally, attorneys for another young man from Paterson, Rosdward Hernandez, participated in a joint virtual news conference Tuesday to also accuse Patino of using excessive force and lying about it in a separate incident late last year.

“Officer Patino fabricated the charges against Rosdward for assaulting an officer,” Hernandez’s attorney, Stephanie Luzzi, said. “Rosdward was beaten so badly that he couldn’t see out of his left eye because it was swollen shut.”

Hernandez acknowledged he did not file a complaint against Patino, and there’s no video of his encounter, so there’s currently no way to prove the police lied about what happened.

But there is a police report detailing Alsaidi’s encounter with Officer Patino, Tineo, and McKnight.

It does not describe what we see on the surveillance video — which the officer’s presumably did not know existed before they wrote up their report.

Paterson Mayor Andre Sayegh said in addition to the ongoing investigations, he supports expanding the ongoing rollout of police body cams beyond uniformed patrol officers.

“I understand the frustration,” the mayor said. “Plainclothes is something we would look into as potentially the next phase of our body camera initiative.”

Diego Navas is representing Osamah Alsaidi in his civil case against the city of Paterson.

“If they knew they were being watched and recorded,” Navas said, “they’re not going to act like this.

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