TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy has proposed legislation to expand abortion access and require insurance companies to pay for the procedure.

Murphy vowed state agencies also won’t cooperate with other states that might try to prosecute New Jersey abortion providers, or women who seek abortions here. The Democratic governor’s announcement Wednesday comes four months after the signed a law guaranteeing abortion rights.

“Revoking the fundamental right to abortion is dangerous and reprehensible, yet the U.S. Supreme Court is nevertheless prepared to proceed with this plan,” Murphy said. “Alongside our partners in the legislature, my administration has prepared for this eventuality by enshrining the right to reproductive choice into New Jersey law. We refuse to go backwards on this critical issue and, today, our state moves forward in working to secure reproductive rights and ensure access to the reproductive health care every woman deserves.”

While offering few specifics at this stage, the governor said he wants to allow advanced practice registered nurses, physicians assistants and certified nurse midwives provide abortion services. The legislation also would mandate that insurance providers cover abortions without cost-sharing or out-of-pocket expenses.

PIX11 contributed to this report.