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NORTH CALDWELL, N.J. — You may not have to be a made man to live in Tony Soprano’s house, but you’ll have to put up a pretty penny.

The famous house in the northern Jersey suburb of North Caldwell that served as the fictional home of the HBO mobster played by James Gandolfini is up for sale. Victor Recchia, whose construction company built the house and who has lived in it with his wife Patti for three decades, have offered it up for purchase, with a starting price of $3.4 million.

The owner is selling for a higher price than many of the other homes in the wealthy New Jersey suburb, but tells the New York Times he believes that the house’s place in pop culture history is the reason to raise the bidding.

The home has received many visits over the years and the family appears to understand its cachet, as they’ve set up an e-mail address at to field offers.

“The Sopranos” aired on HBO from 1999 to 2007, winning 21 Emmy Awards and helping put HBO on the map as a destination for original programming. The series also filmed in and around New Jersey, making several destinations across the state tourist attractions.